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Alcohol Treatment Seattle

Welcome to the first step in changing your relationship to alcohol and drugs forever!

No matter what has brought you to this point in life it is always exciting to stand at the doorway of a new adventure.  Just imagine the questions you might have if, at this moment you were standing in the doorway of an airplane anticipating your first parachute jump.   At that moment you might be filled with a variety of emotions and questions along with some anxiety as to the outcome of your new adventure.

By visiting this page, you have taken one of the hardest steps along the journey. This first step of exploration is for some, the most difficult to accomplish. We are often filled with mixed emotions about our substance use. Some of us are brutally aware that alcohol or drugs are destroying our lives, while others are getting mixed signals from friends, family and sometimes coworkers about how alcohol and or drugs are effecting our ability to live our lives.

If you have not done so already, you should obtain an alcohol or drug assessment (evaluation). This will help determine a diagnosis (if any) with regards to your alcohol and or drug use and provide you with a clear treatment plan if appropriate. Associated Behavioral Health Care specializes in assessments, however you may obtain an assessment at any State certified treatment facility or ask your primary care provider to go over your substance use history with you.

After the assessment, should it be determined that some form of intervention is necessary, the next step is to find a treatment agency that is State Certified, able to fit your scheduling and financial needs and most importantly, an agency you feel comfortable with.

At Associated Behavioral Health the entire management and staff are available to make your treatment journey successful and beneficial.  This company accommodates a divergent population focused on examining old habits and values and learning new skills leading to a more productive, vibrant and satisfying lifestyle.  Our staff members are professionals with specialized training in behavioral healthcare, here to help with your individual needs.




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